API Documentation

Email Sending API

In addition to sending mails via the traditional SMTP, you can also use our official Email Sending API. Sending emails with the API is simple and straightforward.

API URL: https://smtp.clanica.com/
Response Format: JSON

The API call must be made in the application/x-www-url-urlencoded. However, when sending attachments, you must use multipart/form-data encoding.

Field Required Sample Value(s)
email Required [email protected]
password Required 9b26643d2a428b59312ca917
from Optional Sender Name <[email protected]>
to Required Receiver #1 <[email protected]>, Receiver #2 <[email protected]>, [email protected]
cc Optional Same as to
bcc Optional Same as to
reply_to Optional Same as to
subject Required Hello World!
body Required This is the body of the email.
attachments Optional Array

You can find your email and password from our dashboard. attachments is an array of files, such as attachments[0], attachments[1], attachments[2] and so on. Please keep the size of your email under 20 MB.

The server sends a JSON response output. You can use the error field (a boolean) to judge whether your request was successful or not.

Error Message

   "message":"It seems that your email address or password is not valid."

Success Message

   "message":"Your email has been queued!"